Robogals Melbourne


Founded in 2008, the Melbourne chapter is based out of the University of Melbourne and made up of over 192 volunteers in 2018.  In the 2017-2018 term, we have held 100+ schools workshops and reached over 1600 girls, with a total of approximately 2500 students statewide. We also attended events and had stalls at Robotica, Science Works and will feature in the upcoming Go Girl, Go for IT seminar. Internally, we trained 55 new volunteers to participate in the workshops and 16 new leads volunteers. We have also held weekly meetups over pizza to bond and share some of the amazing experiences we get to enjoy as Robogals volunteers.


Our Team

President - Emily Lok
Secretary - Chloe Thai
Treasurer - Hannah Eichenbaum
Marketing Managers - Kathleen Owens & Sophie Son
Partnerships Manager - Crystal Brazilek
Schools Managers - Alexandra (Sandy) Wigley & Enda Larasati
Training Managers - Nhien Huynh & Sushma Pallapothu
General Committee - Ben Caulton, Ben Caulton, Hanizya Rafry,
Juliana Gagalowicz, Nur Najmi Rizqiandri, Nur Najmi Rizqiandri

gold partners


silver partners