Robogals Monash


Founded in 2014, the Monash chapter is based at Monash University. Since our inception, the Monash chapter has trained 286 volunteers, with a current active base of around 168 volunteers. We have reached over 6739 girls (and around 10849 students in total), by running around 725 hours of workshops thus far.

We’ve been involved with running workshops at local libraries, in addition to hosting many workshops at Monash University. We’ve recently run multiple workshops for our sponsors Ericsson and Bosch, and are currently running a workshop series with the Learn@Bosch program. We’ll also be featuring at the upcoming Go Girl, Go for IT seminar. 

Being Robogals volunteers has been an extremely rewarding experience for all of us, and fulfills our vision for every student taught to believe that they can be an engineer!


Our Team

President - Emily Qiao
Secretary / Treasurer - Emily Wang
Marketing Manager - Kalana Vithana
Partnerships Manager - Laksara Andra Hennadige
Schools Manager - Maria Liousas
Training Managers - Sonia Ravi Chandran & Andy Mach
Engagement Manager - Soumya Buyya


platinum partners

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gold partners

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silver partners

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